Welcome to Premier Formations

Premier formations provide company registration services to accountants, solicitors, tax advisors, and professionals that require a no nonsense approach to starting a limited company

What we do-

Same day company formation – our state of the art software allows you to form your limited company in a just a few hours (subject to Companies House)
Full legal documentation – we provide a full set of documents not just a certificate of incorporation, including Mem & Arts, Share Certificates, First Minutes and Basic Company Registers
Companies Act 2006 compliant companies – Our system is fully compliant with the latest legislation.
Clean company formations – All companies are registered with your preferred company name, your registered office, your company officers, and shareholder details.
Professional Support – Our service is aimed at professionals that need company formation at the best price.

Who can we help?

We provide company formations for any individual that wants to form a company. However, our main clients are-

Tax Advisors
Personal Service Company providers
Umbrella Company service providers
Company formation agents that do not have their own online systems

What we don’t do-

 We do not sell or provide your details to anyone other than Companies House.
We do not try to sell you domain names, telephone numbers, VAT registration or any other service unrelated to forming a company
We do not use another agent’s software to form your company
We will not contact you with unsolicited emails after your company is formed
We do not provide ‘ready made companies’, offer ‘name reservation’, or claim to sell dormant companies. This is simply company formation agents confusing people.
We do not sell off shore companies. We are specialist UK formation agents

Why choose us?

We are approved by Companies House for efiling
We are UK based
We do not use call centres
We do not hide behind a mailing address
We are owned, managed and operated in the UK